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Ocean Swimming. Swim Wear, Active Wear and Sports Apparel. Designed by Swimmers, Athletes and Personal Trainers.
Swim Wear, Active Wear and Sports Apparel designed by swimmers, athletes and personal trainers in Sydney, Australia. Fashioned in California, U.S.A. Worn with Pride, Worldwide.
SWIMSTR™ Swim Apparel, Active Wear and Sports Apparel

At SWIMSTR™, we are passionate about designing and making premium active wear and apparel that our customers are proud to wear. And proud that they know it has been designed and manufactured to suit the way they want to wear their fitness wear.

How? It's all in the details. It's not just about an eye catching design and a fantastic colour palette. It's also in the neck bindings, the stitching, the smooth fabric and avoiding those loose threads that you may get on basic t-shirts and sports apparel.

It's about the fit, the feel. Is it soft, lightweight, and form-fitting with a flattering cut? Our racerback tanks are.

SWIMSTR™ was created as a brand that our customers are proud to see as their brand. They feel confident knowing that their tanks, racerbacks, tees and leggings have been designed by people who wear them everyday. Just like you!

We know that your active wear is a reflection of your personality. Sure, there are some people who buy clothes just for the sake that they’ll have something to wear. SWIMSTR™ customers buy designs based on their personality or the personality they want to show the world. 

So welcome to SWIMSTR™, we’re excited to be part of your fitness journey. To begin, subscribe to our emails, dive into the blog and resources, get engaged within the community and most importantly: start something. 

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