Beach Bags

SWIMSTR™ Beach Bags are big, comfortable to carry, water and sand proof, and most importantly, come in a range of vibrant colours that won't fade with designs that suit your style. Many of the designs have matching and contrasting Towels, Gym Bags and Leggings allowing you to make the look, your own.

They are easy to clean too! Our bags are made from fabric that has a low absorbency and is naturally resistant to stains. Simply brush off sand or wipe away stains with a damp cloth. The fabric is not damaged by mildew and is an effective, non-allergenic insulator.

Large enough to hold all your swim wear, a change of clothes, and with a large inside pocket, provides easy access to essential items like your keys, phone and sunscreen.
SWIMSTR™ Swim Wear, Active Wear, Sports Apparel and accessories. Designed by swimmers, athletes and personal trainers in Australia. Made in the U.S.A. Worn with Pride, Worldwide.